When can I pre-order merchandise?
Merchandise may be pre-ordered from now until approximately 24 hours before your chosen show.Where can I pick up my pre-order?For the majority of venues, merchandise pre-orders can be picked up at the designated area within/adjacent to the main merchandise stand. In rare instances when the pick up will not be done at the merch stand, the pick-up area will be very clearly marked with signage.When can I pick up my order?Orders can be picked up from the time doors open until the end of the show. However, we strongly suggest that you pick up your order when you arrive, as wait times at the end of the show could be significant. Please note that only those who have purchased a VIP package may enter for early VIP doors, even if you have pre-ordered merch.What do I need to pick up my order?To pick up your order, you should have a copy of your order confirmation (digital or printed) and a photo ID. No merchandise will be given to anyone whose name/information does not match the order. Please note that all pre-orders should be checked and confirmed for accuracy upon receipt, and before you have signed for the pick up. Once an order has been collected and signed for, the sale is considered final. Can I designate someone else to pick up my order?If it applies, please note an alternate pick up person in the appropriate area of the Cart page. This person still must have a copy of the order confirmation (digital or printed) as well as a photo ID.What happens if I can't pick up my order?For those unable to pick up their order on the day of their chosen show, the order will be canceled and a refund will be issued. Pre-orders cannot be mailed, or picked up at a different show to the one specified at the time of the order.What is your return/exchange policy?All sales are final, so please check your order carefully before submitting. Any exchanges will be for size only and must be for the same item purchased in the pre-order.  Any size exchanges must be done at the time of pick up, before you have signed for your order, so please check the order for accuracy before leaving the pick up area.  Once an order has been collected and signed for, the sale is considered final. 

What if an item in my order is damaged?
All pre-orders should be checked and confirmed for accuracy at the time of pick-up, before leaving the designated pick up area.  Once an order has been collected and signed for, the sale is considered final.  Any damaged items noted upon pick up will, of course, be replaced.I have a question that isn't answered here.Please email WAYmerch3@gmail.com for any additional questions. PLEASE NOTE:  This email address is ONLY monitored for tour merchandise pre-orders! Any questions about ticketing, show times, VIP packages, COVID protocols, venue information, accessibility, website issues, or anything outside of merchandise pre-orders cannot be answered here, and should not be sent to this address!
I'm having trouble with the website/placing my order.
If you're having trouble placing your order or need assistance, please refer to our Contact Us page, where you can reach our customer service team.